Square Tile Ideas – Our Square Tile Inspo

Square tiles are the underdogs when it comes to choosing tiles. They’re often forgotten about or not considered when we come to tiling our home, it’s all about the rectangles. We’re here to show you how beautiful and unique they can be in your home, and shine some light on their versatility. They’re not always just a boring square tile!

1 – Laid Diagonally

Laying your square tiles diagonally across the space, whether it be the walls or the floors, can be a great way of adding an extra layer of detail. It creates a beautiful diamond effect that can take a plain tile and transform it into something unique and intricate. We’ve taken our Beton White Concrete Effect wall and floor tiles and turned them diagonally to lay across the floors, resulting in this traditional hallway space with a modern twist. These 800×800 tiles still allow enough simplicity for the rest of the space to do the talking, while packing a punch in natural detailing.

Light concrete effect square floor tiles laid diagonally across a blue hallways space.

Above, Beton White Concrete Effect Matt Large Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

2 – Make the Most of Patterns

Square tiles don’t have to be limited to the simpler styles. We have plenty of patterned tiles in square formats, lots of which also feature handy pre-scored grout lines to make your grouting job a lot easier. Patterns are amazing at bringing a space to life if it’s somewhere that may otherwise feel a bit flat or lifeless. Its a simple way of introducing masses of detail and character, and the square format makes life that little bit easier. These Windsor Multi Patterned tiles feature a different design on each individual square, creating a really varied and unique style.

Blue hallway space with patterned square tiles across whole floor.

Above, Windsor Multi Patterned Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

3 – Sophisticated Splashbacks

It’s not just floors that square tiles work great for, you can create a beautiful feature across the walls of your home too, all with simple squares. Out Manacor range has a whole variety of square tiles in beautiful colours and shades, so you can find your perfect match. Their small 100×100 format makes them perfect for an area in need of some texture, like our beautiful bathroom splashback shown here. Without these blush tiles, the space would appear flat and lifeless, but they do an amazing job at creating that sense of character.

Pink small square tiles framing sink area in bathroom to act as a splashback.

Above, Manacor Blush Pink 100x100mm Wall Tiles

4 – Outdoor Bliss

Square slabs work great for achieving a truly sophisticated look. It’s very satisfying to the eye to see squares perfectly aligned like this! Get creative with the areas you decide to lay your outdoor slabs, as there is often the opportunity to create pathways or stepping stones, creating a whimsical and fun look. Light grey slabs are perfect for an open and airy garden space, and create a truly modern appearance, whereas neutrals like beige are perfect for that traditional family garden look. Our Ebor Beige Outdoor slabs demonstrate that popular stepping stone effect, which we just love!

Square outdoor slab tiles in back garden with stepping stone effect over gravel.

Above, Ebor Beige Outdoor Slab

5 – Go Big or Go Home

Large format square tiles feel intimidating at first, but if you have the space to handle them we can’t recommend them enough! There are obviously times where smaller tiles are more appropriate, like splashbacks for example, but if you can, go big! Large format tiles are perfect for creating a sense of grandeur and opulence in a space, as it frees the area of so many grout lines and extra details. To enhance that expensive look, we’re showing our Merope Onyx Marble Effect Tiles, which are in a beautiful beige marble effect.

Pink hallway space with large format onyx marble effect square tiles.

Above, Merope Onyx Marble Effect Beige Polished Floor Tile

6 – Don’t be Afraid of Colour

Colour is a great way of ensuring you keep the masses of detail you’re nervous about losing with square tiles. They create a vibrant base for any accessories or furniture you’re looking to introduce, and show off your personality beautifully. Our Manacor range take one for the team on shade range, with a wide selection of colours available, all in both a square or brick format so you can make the perfect decision. These Manacor Mint 100×100 tiles complement the deep green kitchen cupboards in this space perfectly!

Mint green small format square tiles across green kitchen splashback.

Above, Manacor Mint 100x100mm tiles

7 – Vintage Statements

Squares don’t have to be reserved for modern style homes, they can also achieve that longed for traditional aesthetic that is still alive and kicking. Traditional Victorian encaustic tiles are typically in a small square format, and so this is the perfect opportunity to get shopping for that beautiful patterned square tile. For example, we’ve used our Mr Jones Grey Pattern tile for this greyscale traditional hallway space, adding lots of character and detail to the area. These tiles come in either grey or blue, and can be used to achieve this traditional, homely style, or styled to appear more modern and contemporary.

Traditional encaustic style square tiles across floor of grey hallway space.

Above, Mr Jones Grey Pattern Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

We hope we’ve offered some insight into the wonders of square tiles, and shone a light on why they should be considered as a strong option! Share pictures of your finished homes on Instagram, tagging @Tilemountainuk. We love seeing our products in your home!

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