Ultimate Combinations: Get It Right with Black & White

In a world where colour choices can be overwhelming, why not stick to that classy ultimate combination of black and white? Simple, sophisticated, and always just absolutely right. Read on as this month’s Ultimate Combinations takes a closer look at how the two can be combined to create impactful monochromatic aesthetics in your interiors…

Simply Smart

For an enduring scheme that will look smart and crisp forever, there’s are hundreds of reasons for choosing black and white. Add greenery and plants (faux or real) for a natural element or embellish with bold, metallic or colourful accessories. These are our Lounge Matt Black Porcelain wall and floor tiles, which are available in two formats, 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 300mm and two finishes, matt or polished. For black bathroom accessories and fittings, take a look at our sister company Bathroom Mountain here.

Textured Choices

As if black and white wasn’t enough of a striking combination, introducing spectacular texture into the equation will really set the style! Sparkle Black Split Face Mosaic tiles have a hint of sparkle, and are created from natural stone (metamorphic rock) with a hint of sparkle. The interlocking design has a mosaic effect, and these tiles will also need sealing to protect the natural look. Go for a white bathtub such as the Chelsea by Bathroom Mountain.

Black & White & A Bit of Blue

So we’re veering slightly off-piste here with a tiny bit of added colour, but the theme is the same, keep it simple, keep it striking, keep the emphasis on black and white for a successful scheme. These are our Swing Decor Blue Night & Day tiles, each is 203mm x 203mm and there are seven pattern variations. Constructed from durable porcelain, these tiles are designed to look like traditional encaustic tiles from days gone by. Add white cabinets, counter-tops and basins for a monochromatic theme.

Adding Texture

Soften up a smooth and shiny bathroom scheme with some indoor plants and planters. This is a set of Three Monochrome Woven Planters from Cox & Cox. A great choice for a pared-back bathroom.

My House in Budapest

…would look amazing if it featured our wonderful Victorian Centro Budapest Decor tiles! We just thought you would like a close-up look! Constructed from durable ceramic, these tiles are designed to look like traditional encaustic tiles from a bygone era. Another fabulous example of a timeless black and white combination!

Classy Kitchen Style

Classic marble tiles are one of the ultimate combinations of black and white for a timeless look. Here are our Invisible Marble tiles, which can also be used for walls. They’re available in two large formats, 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 600mm, so there’s ample opportunity to minimise grout lines for an expansive look. Team with black cabinets and window joinery to create that monochromatic combination and add a touch of softness and texture with a couple of neutral touches, vis a vis the pendants and bar stools.

Ultimate Combinations 

Go for black and white switches, sockets, and electrical fittings to underline that monochrome style. Look at the Black & White and White & Black Quadruple Rocker Switches from Dowsing & Reynolds – a treasure trove of finishing touches!

A Perfect Combination

This perfect combination for a hallway features our Dorset Feature Black Wall & Floor Tiles. Each measures 450mm x 450mm and is scored to make each tile appear as if it’s four smaller tiles – so you get the gorgeous detail, but without the hassle of laying small tiles! Combining black and white tiles with pristine white panelling and a black stair runner is a very classic design choice. 

Clip & Combine

This jolly little clip-on light is a great black and white choice that will forever be useful around the home. It’s the Hector Medium Dome Clip Light from Original BTC 

Ultimate Hexagons

This simple scheme features a cool combination of our Kromatika Black Wall Tiles, with black and white used for the floor, and just white for the walls. We particularly like the zig-zag top tile edge on the walls – so simple to achieve with hexagonal tiles!

A Trick of the Eye

Each Hanoi Cube Grey Floor Tile measures 327mm x 327mm and has a black, white and grey design that looks stunning. These geometric porcelain tiles have a matt finish, with matching plain tiles available in White, Black, and Grey.

Wow-Factor Black & White

What a room! This kitchen is perfect in its simplicity, but we would never underestimate that painstaking attention to detail that such a room involves. It’s a definite Ultimate Combination of black and white, with just the right amount of texture (roof beams and bar stools) to add a touch of nature (as well as the views of the outdoor greenery, of course!). These are our Lounge Matt Black Porcelain tiles, also available in a polished finish, with the matt finish variant suitable for outdoor use thanks to the higher slip rating.

Will you be combining black and white in your next interior redesign project? If so then don’t forget to send us your pictures of the end result – share your pics with us over on Twitter tagging @TileMountainUK or on Instagram!

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