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Adesilex P4 Grey Floor Adhesive 20kg

Size 20 Kg
SKU: 218220
In Stock
£27.49 each
£27.49 inc VAT

Key Features

> Fast-setting, cement-based

> Available in 20kg pack

> Suitable for external and internal use

> Designed for use with medium to large format floor tiles

> Can be used as internal and external levelling compound


Product Details
Product Guides
  • SKU 218220
  • Colour Grey
  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating Yes
  • Weight 20.00 KG
  • Coverage (SQM) 5

Product Reviews

natalie 04/06/23

Great product, easy to use!

Great product easy to use, I would suggest making up small amounts as it goes off fast.

Verified Buyer

Stephen 11/05/23


Very good quality, easy to use, the only problem was the estimate of 4 bags was not enough- had to buy another two.

Verified Buyer

Roman Musteata 25/10/22

Perfect adhesive for porcelain

Verified Buyer

Denise Rejchel 08/08/22

Excellent product and easy to use

Verified Buyer

Helena 20/06/22

Although I purchased the adhesive (as suggested by Tile Mountain) with the tiles, I found it was nowhere near the correct amount needed to complete the job and found the product cheaper in Wickes.


The adhesive is a recommendation based on the average consumption. If a thicker bed of adhesive is used this can affect the amount used. If you would like to discuss this further with a member of the team please contact us.

Verified Buyer

Sam 12/06/22

It wasn’t right for my use. Too much slump.


We apologise you are unhappy with the product you have recieved. We have not encountered such problems previously and our customer service team would be happy to look into this further if you did wish to contact us.

Verified Buyer

Ian 09/06/22

Good for the job of outside tiles. Nice and stiff when mixed with good elasticity meaning the bag has good coverage. I bag did approximately 7 600mm tiles with 10 mm notch Trowell.

Verified Buyer

Nicola 20/05/22

Was disappointed that I have been unable to return this product. Has been stored in the dry and unopened. £230.00 that I can not afford to lose.


We are unable to accept any perishable items back for a refund outside the full returns period as we are unable to guarantee the conditions the items are being stored. If you did wish to discuss this further with a member of the team please contact us.

Verified Buyer

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Brian 27/06/22

Do you have to have a cured concrete mortar base to use this? I have seen videos where the porcelain tile is laid onto wet mortar. An adhesive is still applied to the back of the tile. It will be a pain to wait 28 days for the mortar to cure. Is there perhaps an alternative product. Thanks


Our advice: This adhesive should be used when installing tiles onto a cured concrete base. If you don't have the timeframe to allow the curing time for concrete you could install the tiles onto a hardcore base and adhere the tiles with our Norcros Rock Tite system.

Karl 21/06/22

Hi how many bags would I need for 12msq


Our advice: You would need x3 bags.

Neil 07/06/22

Hi - just completing a patio with 20mm granite slabs 600 * 600 laid using backing slurry and sharp sand / cement mix base onto an MOT 1 compressed foundation, and planning to lay the same slabs onto two steps of cured concrete. What adhesive do you recommend please? The two steps form a partly covered entrance so they will not be fully exposed to the elements but will get some rainfall. Many Thanks


Our advice: This adhesive would be suitable for installing the slabs onto a stepped project.

Dan 27/04/22

Hi Iam laying large format 1mx1m 20mm thick porcelain pavers. 1) Do I need to prime the backs of the porcelain pavers first with another product or can I use this directly to bond. 2) what depth would you recommend for this size pavers - would this be 10mm or closer to 20mm?


Our advice: We would need to know which method of installation you are using. Could you please either call us on 01782 223822 or email us at customer.service@tilemountain.co.uk.

Gem 25/03/22

Hi, just wondering how many bags to order for 16sq meters


Our advice: You would require x4 bags.

Mick 07/03/22

What tile adhesive for underfloor heating


Our advice: We would advise using our Keraquick Grey Fast Setting Adhesive 20kg SKU: 012120UK.

Mike 23/05/21

What adhesive shall I use for 20 mm thick porcelain exterior tiles


Our advice: Assuming you are tiling onto a cured concrete base I would advise using our Adesilex P4 Grey Floor Adhesive 20kg SKU: 218220

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