New Year Resolutions You Should Be Making For Your Home

Many of us see the start of a brand new year as an opportunity for a fresh start. We resolve to spend more time on creative pursuits, getting in shape, doing more for the environment or simply spending more time with family. We want to see ourselves improve internally and externally, to evolve to be a better version of ourselves. But are you including changes in your home as well to support the changes in your lifestyle?

After all, as years in our homes pass, our lives in it evolve as well. Is your home still suitable for how you live today? Are there changes you can resolve to do in your home that will support your goals for yourself as well? Here are just a few New Year’s Resolutions you may want to make for your home this year.

Resolve to Promote Togetherness

If one of your resolutions revolves around spending more time together as a family, why not create areas in the home the entire family can gather? There are plenty of things you can do in terms of your home’s design that encourage that family bond. Here are just a few ideas:

  • If you’re remodelling, open plan areas naturally promote togetherness by combining the functions of separate rooms into one larger space
  • A large corner or L-shaped sofa means everyone has a comfy seat for movie nights
  • Add a breakfast bar where even hurried mornings mean everyone shares the space at the start of the day
  • A large dining table or small desk space can create a spot for children to do homework or studies while the parents prepare meals or carry out chores
  • Ensure there’s plenty of storage in common areas so that games and toys are easily accessible (but can then be tidied away!)

Resolve to Create a Space for Calm

Technology in our lives is both a blessing and a curse – connected and yet apart, we often miss out on what’s happening around us or really enjoying the present moment we live in. Consider carving out space in your home simply for relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

There are plenty of ways to create a space for calm in your home. Here are just a few:

  • Consider the addition of a deep or roll-top bathtub in your bathroom
  • Create a reading nook in your living room with a simple armchair next to a bookshelf
  • Include a small desk or vanity in your bedroom for your morning and evening preparations
  • Create a quiet relaxing space in your home for meditation or yoga

Resolve to Be More Sustainable

With so many of us aware of the environmental crisis we are currently facing, how can we do our part? There are plenty of ways we can do this ourselves or encourage our family to do the same.

When working on projects to update our homes, why not look out for more eco-friendly materials? Porcelain products which mimic natural materials are more environmentally friendly than using natural stone. Not only are they low VOC, but they are also longer-lasting and easier to maintain, they don’t require sealing nor do they require any chemicals to keep them clean.

Here are just a few ideas and some new habits we can adopt as well to be just that bit more sustainable.

  • Underfloor heating is a better alternative to other kinds of heating and is easy to use with porcelain as it’s very heat-conductive and therefore, easier for the heat to penetrate and warm the room
  • Encourage recycling by creating a dedicated area in the home which easily separates recyclable waste products from non-recyclable
  • Turn off any lights when they are not in use or consider using a connected home feature which will automatically turn on lighting and heating only when you need them
  • Only run the dishwasher on a full load
  • Reduce packaging waste by buying in bulk, ordering groceries online (without bags), signing up to local box schemes and skipping the straws (or using metal ones)
  • Plan out a weekly meal plan to cut down on food waste and try to cook with more veggies and less meat

Resolve to Enjoy the Outdoors

If you’re hoping to spend more time in nature this coming year, then it may finally be the year you treat your garden as an extension of the home. No matter how much outdoor space you have – from a small balcony to a large garden, you can make it work for you, it just takes a bit of creative thinking.

Here are just a few ways you can improve your outdoor space and make the most of it when the sun is shining again:

  • Create zones in your garden by choosing different types of ground materials depending on the activity. We have a huge range of outdoor tiles to choose from which are perfect for entertaining and relaxing.
  • Make sure you have comfortable seating included for relaxing in the sunshine as well as areas for dining and entertaining
  • Consider including a fire pit, a BBQ area or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining outdoors and for additional heat when the sun goes down
  • Include for different kinds of lighting and be sure to layer different kinds for the best result. You can have festoon lighting for above, candles or lanterns on tables, and lighting for your paths to highlight plants or along paths and stairs

What resolutions for your home are you making? We’d love to hear from you. Be sure to share your ideas with us – tweet us @TileMountainUK or tag us on Instagram!

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