7 Ideas for Alternative Christmas Trees

With December finally upon us, it’s time to start thinking of decorating our home for Christmas – which of course, always includes a Christmas tree. Or does it? In fact, there are plenty of people who may have circumstances where they aren’t able to fit a Christmas tree in their home. You may live in a small studio flat or you may have young children or pets where having a tree may actually be a bit too risky. Or perhaps you have a room that you’d like to add some Christmas cheer to without having a second tree in your home. There are actually some great ideas out there for Christmas trees that aren’t trees at all!


Today, I wanted to share 7 different alternatives Christmas trees that are great space-savers for any room in the home. Many of these give the illusion of a tree but are flat against the wall so if you have precious little room to spare, you can still have the tradition of a tree without infringing on your floor space!

The Poster Tree


Could this be the easiest tree you’ve ever decorated? Quite possibly! A simple poster does all the hard work for you – simply use some colourful washi tape to apply to the wall, string a few garlands across and set a small table for presents underneath. Job done!

The PVC Pipe Tree

PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

A trip to the DIY store and a few tools is all that’s required to create this fun Christmas tree alternative. Using hardboard and various lengths and sizes of PVC pipe, this creative tree can be filled with colourful baubles just like the real thing and will certainly provide a talking point! The best thing is that it can be packed away easily and reused year after year.

The Chalkboard Christmas Tree


Use your creative prowess to create your own tree in chalk! In our example above, a door has been covered with chalkboard paint but you can easily replicate this with a large sheet of MDF and some chalkboard paint. Lean against the wall and pile the presents below it!

The Branch Tree


A few branches and twine are the backbone of this wonderful tree alternative. You can create this for very little outlay or simply buy a set yourself. Hang on an empty wall, string lights and baubles throughout and you have an instant Christmas tree that takes up little room but still manages to turn heads.

The Recycled Pallet Tree


Is there anything that can’t be made from a recycled pallet? I’m starting to think not. Here, an old pallet is given a new lease on life with a simply painted tree in white and topped with a star! Perfect for those who love a more rustic and crafted look in their home.

The Bibliophile Tree


If you have a love of books but don’t have the room for a tree, then why not create one using a colour block method? Here, a shelf is utilised to create the backdrop and stacks of books and objects in the shape of a tree come to life creatively. This may take a little more planning but the end result is fun and inventive using things you already have.

Tree In a Vase


And finally, for those who can’t bear the thought of not having a real tree, there’s always this idea. Use a large vase and fill with pine branches to create a table top tree. Try your local Christmas tree farm or garden centre for offcuts for an inexpensive alternative that has the added bonus of filling your home with the scent of real pine.

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