Black and White Bathroom Inspiration

There is something incredibly classic about black and white. From the sophistication of a tuxedo to the high energy of a Franz Kline painting, the combination of the darkest of colours contrasted with the lightest always makes for head-turning good looks. It’s this classic combination that we are seeing more and more in the home as well.

black half walls in the bathroom

The lack of much colour in a black and white bathroom, however, could pose a challenge. How do you ensure the resulting effect isn’t too stark or cold? We all want our bathrooms to be inviting spaces, ones we are happy to start and end our days in and perhaps an area we can escape from the world for a nice relaxing soak with a glass of wine. To create that inviting look, the high contrast starkness of black and white needs to be warmed up in some way and so today’s post will talk about how to achieve a chic look with the elements that should be included in your scheme for a successful design.

While you don’t have to worry about creating an additional contrast, you do want to consider bringing in contrasting materials – glossy with matt, hard with soft, natural with man-made.

black and white bathroom with wood sink vanity

Bringing a textural element into your design – or a few textural elements – will go a long way in creating that inviting feeling within a black and white scheme. Wood finishes are a great way to visually warm a space and contrast beautifully with either black or white tiles, drawing in references to nature and bringing the outside in.

rustic black and white bathroom

While it may seem unusual to include house plants in your bathroom, many varieties actually flourish in the humidity naturally present in the bathroom as long as there is some natural light. The leaves will also provide an organic element, softening the starkness of this look. Consider hanging plants or simply dot a few smaller plants along a shelf for a welcoming look.

black and white tile with hex and square tiles

Metals are another way to add some reflective contrast to your space. While cool metals predominate the fixtures market for bathrooms, consider mixing your metals by including a few other metal finishes in your design – brass or copper (both big trends for this year that don’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon) will draw the eye in a monochromatic scheme and gives an opulent touch as well as adding visual warmth to the bathroom.

black bathroom with copper accessories

While the strength of this palette is in it’s simplicity, ultimately it’s a very strong look so you’ll want to keep your accessories fairly simple. Natural wood and plants, textural elements as well as warm and cool metals provide the middle notes required to balance the strength of monochrome.

pattern wallpaper bathroom with brass fixtures

So this palette, while it may look easy, is really more multi-layered than you might think. While we may think it is simply a matter of putting a lot of black and white into the room, this is probably not enough to really create the drama and intrigue of this strong colour palette. You must look at bringing in the other elements to create harmony and balance between the strength of these two fantastic neutrals.

Is this a palette you would use in your own bathroom? I’d love to hear from you if so!

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