Colour Splash: Fresh Bathroom Colour Ideas

Are you sick of the same old bathroom colour scheme, desperate to give your space a makeover but not sure where to start? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite colour scheme ideas to make your bathroom redecorating process a little easier. We’ll be exploring a range of bathroom colour ideas to inspire you. From the timeless classics to the latest trends, you’ll find plenty of inspiration!  

1 – Neutral Bathroom Beauty

We start with the simplicity of neutral colour schemes. Think of warming beige tones in designs that mimic the beauty of nature. Wood and stone designs are perfect for creating a neutral bathroom design, as they offer the detailing of their real textures in a more durable format, whether that be through the use of tiles or the accessories you choose. These tones and textures give off a stunning spa-bathroom aesthetic, perfect for relaxing in the bath after a long day.  


Neutral bathroom design exuding sophistication and elegance, with ivory stone effect tiles across the walls and a raised platform, of which a bath sits on. The lower level features a wood effect floor tile, perfect for waterproof bathroom design. The rest of the bathroom features natural features like a wood effect shelf of which the basin sits on, and a large potted plant next to the bath, creating a spa-like bathroom design.

Above, Belize Beige Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile  


2 – White Bathroom Schemes

For guaranteed brightness and beauty in your bathroom design, try sticking to a white base for your colour scheme. White bathrooms create the look of a larger space, making them perfect for small bathroom designs that need opening up. They also create the perfect base for any style bathroom you have in mind, whether it be traditional, modern or minimalistic, the options are endless with this classic, clean base. There are a variety of ways of introducing white into your bathroom, from the furniture you use to the tiles or paint on the walls, get creative!  


Modern bathroom scheme with white marble effect wall and floor tiles, complemented by neutral ivory veining for an opulent scheme. There is a wood effect wall mounted vanity unit, mounted to the wall, with a white round ceramic basin on top. There also features a matt black framed shower screen with complementary matt black shower set. Overall, the space is modern and sophisitcated.

Above, Delicatto White Marble Effect Polished Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile  


3 – On-Trend Pink and Green Bathrooms

For a look that is perfectly on trend this season, try combining pink and green within your colour scheme. This is a bold way of introducing colour to the space and creating a fun and characterful design, letting your personality shine through. It’s a classic combination, but in recent years has made a breakthrough within interior trends. We love the cute and girly vibe it gives off while remaining luxurious and chic. Use a combination of tiles, paint, decor and fixtures to create the perfect pink and green bathroom scheme. Pink and green should always be seen!



1- Bambo Bath Caddy, BM. 2- Manacor Mint. 3- Pink Metro. 4- Lucia Midnight Green Vanity, BM. 5- Brushed Brass Handle, BM. 6- Green Bin, Dunelm. 7- Pink Bath Mat, Dunelm. 8- Manacor Blush. 9- Green Light, Dunelm. 10- Barcelona Heated Towel Rail, BM. 11- Bathroom Sign, Dunelm. 12- Cherwell Basin Tap, BM.


4 – Navy Blue Bathroom Sophistication

Navy blue bathroom colour schemes exude sophistication and glamour, transforming any bathroom space into a luxurious retreat for you and your loved ones. The deep, rich tones of navy blue create a sense of depth, making it perfect for those seeking a serene yet opulent vibe. Pairing navy blue tiles or walls with metallic accents like gold or chrome can elevate the space, adding a touch of elegance and refinement. Whether used as a bold statement on all walls or as an accent to your bathroom scheme, navy blue welcomes a timeless, chic aesthetic that effortlessly enhances the overall design of your home and bathroom.  


Navy blue bathroom furniture suite with brushed brass accents and handles. The suite features ample storage, a built in mirror cabinet, built in traditional basin, and traditional style toilet with navy blue wooden toilet seat. The rest of the bathroom scheme is a white marble effect, creating a luxurious atmosphere.

Above, Monaco Inky Blue Vanity Units  


5 – Vibrant Multicolour Bathroom Fun

Incorporating multiple colours throughout your bathroom design can create a fun and exciting atmosphere, turning the space into a lively oasis. By blending various colours you can add personality and character, making your bathroom a space that reflects your unique style. For a playful and eclectic look, consider using a mix of bright tiles in different shapes, colours and patterns. Alternatively, combining complementary colours like teal and coral, or mustard and navy can create a harmonious yet dynamic effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold accent walls either, as these can add a splash of patterned design to your bathroom.  


Above, 1- Bermuda Midnight Green, BM. 2- Soap Dispenser, George. 3- Yellow Towels, George. 4- Manacor Ocean Blue. 5- Onyx Marble Effect. 6- Makeup Bag, Oliver Bonas. 7- Orange Metro. 8- Toilet Brush, Dunelm. 9- Bath Mat, Dunelm. 10- Artificial Plant, Dunelm.  


6 – Bold, Dark Bathroom Schemes

If you’re into darker schemes, introduce deep tones across your bathroom for a moody, intimate feel. Don’t be scared of this creating a claustrophobic feel. As long as you utilise the darker colours in the correct way, this should be easily avoidable. For an intense scheme, choose dark colours across the whole space. For something a little more paired back, introduce darker tones across smaller details, like bath mats, or towels. It really is up to you how far you go with this idea.  


Dark and moody bathroom scheme with navy blue and black features. Black hexagon wall tiles create a unique scheme up the wall behind the vanity basin unit. The vanity unit and toilet unit are in a deep navy blue which complements the navy blue paint on the wall behind the black hexagon tiles, creating a cohesive and seamless design. White accents are dotted around, preventing the design from becoming too dark.

Above, Apollo Hexagon Black Wall and Floor Tile  


7 – Brighter Schemes with Large Mirrors

By using large mirrors within your design, you’ll be opening up the space, making it feel much brighter and airier. Mirrors reflect light, both natural and artificial, which will enhance the overall illumination of the room, creating a more inviting and spacious look. Strategically placing large mirrors above the sink or on a feature wall can create the illusion of double the space, giving the smallest bathrooms a much more expansive feel. Mirrors can also be great for highlighting other design elements such as beautiful tiles or stylish pictures, further elevating the room style.  


Large horizontal rectangle mirror mounted to the wall above a sleek, modern countertop sink design. The overall colour scheme of the space is white, black and a deep brown tone, perfect for creating a spa-like bathroom atmosphere. The mirror features an LED border for vibrant lighting when getting ready in the morning. The wall that the mirror is mounted onto is a classy white marble effect design.

Above, Olivia Black Framed Illuminated LED Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker 600x1200mm  


8 – Timeless Monochrome Bathrooms

Monochrome bathroom designs are a timeless classic that never goes out of style, offering a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that’s always on trend. The striking contrast between black and white creates a clean, modern look that can be both bold and elegant. Whether you opt for white subway tiles with black grout, a statement white bathtub against a black wall, or a mix of patterned tiles in shades of grey, monochrome schemes provide a versatile foundation for any bathroom. This design approach is not only visually appealing but also highly adaptable, allowing you to incorporate various textures and materials for added depth and interest. With its enduring appeal, a monochrome bathroom ensures a chic and stylish space that stands the test of time.  


1- Galway Thermostatic Shower, BM. 2- Carolina Matt Black Basin, BM. 3- Victoriana Oxford Tile. 4- Artificial plant, Dunelm. 5- Ivy Matt Black Corner Shelf, BM. 6- Trend Black Terrazzo Tile. 7- Apollo Hexagon Tile. 8- Bath Mat, Dunelm. 9- Avon Gloss Vanity. 10- Relax Sign, Dunelm.  


That concludes our favourite bathroom colour ideas! We hope you’re feeling inspired to get going on your bathroom redo! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your design over on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk, we love seeing your designs and you may get featured on our website!