Food For Thought: The Most On-Trend Kitchen Styles for 2020

In the rush and hurry to clear away all signs of the festivities, you may be looking at your kitchen with fresh eyes and a longing to update. If that sounds like you then read on as we bring you some insight into some of the most on-trend kitchen design styles we’ll be thinking about for 2020…

Embrace The Dark

Dark colours for kitchens are going to continue to win the popularity contests in the coming few years; we reckon it’s because everyone has had enough of the greys and the ivories and want something that makes a bit more of a ‘statement’. So, consider very dark greys, nearly-black, navy, forest greens, and even chocolate brown. Dark cabinetry doesn’t have to look overpowering, it can look crisp and positive, especially paired with pale flooring and very light walls. This gorgeous kitchen is Haddon in Charcoal from Burbidge Kitchen Makers, and this design also features brass handles and latches as finishing touches – another very on-trend choice. For similar style, look at our Driftwood porcelain tiles for a perfectly practical yet ultra-stylish finish.

A Splash of Colour

If you want to turn your slightly dated kitchen into something with a bit more 2020-style pizzazz, think about adding zings and pings of bright colours. Consider a colourful panel of splashback tiles (such as our Metro in Lime, Teal, Plum, Orange or Red), or go for a glass or acrylic panel instead. Just the job to add 2020-style to a kitchen that has a subdued colour scheme. This orange panel looks stunning, it’s from the Cucina Colore collection by Mereway, and features mid-height wall cabinets and a highly practical mid-way wall storage system.

Gold Standards

Gold and brass finishes are absolutely the bees knees for the current year. Whether it’s gold trims on cabinetry, gold taps, gold light fittings and switches, gold is the way to go in 2020. If you’re planning a brand new kitchen or bathroom, the way to add a totally contemporary look is to go for gold, or if you just want to update a little, choose gold or brass accessories. From left; the industrial-style Hex Monobloc tap in Antique Brass finish by Abode, with ceramic disc technology for long-lasting operation. Centre; Cone Pendant by Industville from The Den & Now in brass. Right; the astonishing Karbon Single Lever tap by Kohler that is just so beautiful a whole kitchen scheme could revolve around it (it’s a mixture of brushed and polished bronze).

The Breakfast Cupboard

We may have mentioned the breakfast cupboard on a couple of occasions previously, but this is a trend that is absolutely here to stay! We love a breakfast cupboard – whether it’s in a small kitchen or a huge family kitchen-dining space, it’s a wonderful concept that really does help to keep the kitchen neat and tidy whilst corralling all the everyday stuff into one place. This is one of our favourites, from Brayer Design. Take a look also at some very covetable breakfast cupboards from Higham Furniture as well.

Natural Wood Kitchens

Raw and natural-looking timber is going to be one of the must-haves for the on-trend kitchen for 2020. It doesn’t have to look rustic or country-cottage, it can veer towards the industrial look. And it doesn’t even have to be real wood, either! There are lots of look-alikes around. We love the raw grain look and grey colouring of the 2020 Schuller C Collection; this is Cremona which has an old-oak look with a natural, textured surface finish. Take a look at our Inverno marble-effect porcelain tiles to complete the look.

Staggered & Variable Height Islands

An island layout is highly desirable and pretty much indispensable, and it’s nice to know that designers are getting adventurous, playing around with heights and depths. It can be as simple as adding a drop-down section at the end of a breakfast bar so it can be used as a regular-height table, or recessing a section of the base so there is more space for stools and bar chairs. We rather like the staggered look shown here, featured in the Oxidised Amber kitchen from Cucina Colore. From a design point of view, this trick also lessens the monolithic ‘feel’ of a vast island…

Glamour Goals

The Glamorous Kitchen is definitely a goal worth keeping in sight for 2020. Yes, a kitchen always has to be totally practical, able to accommodate kids, friends, space to mingle, surfaces to do homework projects, and catch up on emails etc… but it can be gorgeous and glamorous too! Note the dark cabinetry here in the background, teamed with aforementioned gold handles and accessories. But, the game-changer here is the very glam dining table and chairs. This is the Nala Dark Oak table with Clover Velvet chairs, all from Danetti. We love the gold tips to the chair legs, and the super curves of the chair back rests. This kitchen is definitely cocktail-ready for 2020!

Moody Metallics

This kitchen, by Wren Kitchens, absolutely nails several of our latest trends for 2020. First of all, the Slate and Copper finishes to the cabinetry is completely ‘of the moment’ and looks fabulous in an industrial-style setting. Note the differing heights of the island too – not just the dropped level to the right, but the very slightly raised natural timber surface to the left too. There’s also the glimpse of metallic recesses at the top of the handle-less doors too. And the best thing is, you don’t have to embrace all of these trends in one go – pick and choose to suit your own style.

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