Pantone’s COTY Greenery and Alternative Greens We Think You’ll Love

When colour giant Pantone recently revealed its new Colour of the Year for 2017 as Greenery – a pale yellow lime green reminiscent of newly formed leaves – I think I heard the collective gasp of the interior design community all the way from my home in Manchester. It wasn’t necessarily a ‘wow’ gasp of excitement either. It was mostly one that said, ‘Really? Are they serious?’

The truth is, whilst the taste-makers and trendsetters were aware that, essentially, green was the new indigo, it wasn’t exactly this green any of us were expecting. The words ‘Kermit the Frog’ and ‘Changing Rooms circa 1995’ were bandied around. Many of us wondered how such a vivid colour could possibly translate into a sophisticated room scheme.


Whilst I researched inspiration to see how it might be used in the home, there was one thing I was very certain of. Green is huge this year. With houseplants being one of the biggest trends we’ve seen in the last couple of years, it was only natural that the colour green would find it’s way into our homes in other forms as well. It was also clear to me that Pantone’s choice could indeed be used successfully without it looking like a toddler’s nursery or a flashback to that 1990s TV Programme we all loved to hate.

lime green metro wall tile

Tile Mountain’s Lime Green Metro Tile is a perfect example of using a bright green for a fresh clean look in the bathroom. Using it with bright white accents and bringing contrasting shades of blue and turquoise into the mix can create a fun and contemporary look for your bathroom.

For me, I see Greenery best used as an accent against something unexpected or very tactile. Perhaps as a velvet chair against a brick wall (try our brick effect tiles for this one if you don’t live in a home with exposed brickwork) or a splash of it in artwork against a dark-hued background. It can be done – and very successfully at that – as long as the bright jolt of colour is balanced against something that’s warmer or provides a great contrast.

greenery sofa with brick wall

However, if you are looking for some alternatives to this bright lime green, you are in luck. There are actually a myriad of different green shades that will look amazing in your home and if I’m honest, I like them even better than Greenery for adding drama and colour to your home.

Olive Green


I have always loved olive green – both in fashion and used in the home – for its sheer versatility. I’ve had an olive green sofa for 7 years now and I still love it. This softer more murky shade works particularly well in traditional style homes for furniture as well as walls. However, the bathroom above, designed by Roselind Wilson, proves it can also be used to great effect in more contemporary schemes. For a twist on the classic, combine it with gold accents and marble for up to date sophisticated styling.

Forest Green

devol kitchen in forest green

Consider Forest Green for your next project to bring in a jolt of colour without overwhelming the senses as Greenery can sometimes do when used in large areas. Here, we see it used as an eclectic and exciting mix in deVOL’s Peckham Rye kitchen project with more traditional accents of wood and marble. This colour could easily translate just as well to a dining area, bedroom or cosy snug.

Emerald Green


I’ve shared Justina Blakeney’s kitchen so many times because that bold emerald green tile is simply mesmerising in its impact. The kitchen is an otherwise fairly neutral slate – white worktops and cabinets with rustic wood and copper accents but the tiles bring it into a different league altogether. Consider creating a feature with a jade green in your home for high impact style and combine with a myriad of houseplants to create texture and an organic flair.

Sage Green

Sage Green Kitchen

And finally, this stunning kitchen of Emma Persson Lagerberg as captured by photographer Petra Bindel for Elle Decoration shows that even the softest palest shade of green can create a stunning interior. This easy-to-live-with shade is perfect for a subtle contrast to a monochrome look and blends perfectly with Scandinavian style.

What do you think of Pantone’s choice of Colour of the Year? Do you prefer a different shade of green in your interiors? Do let us know in the comments, tweet us on @TileMountain1 or tag us on Instagram!


As a multi-award winning interior design content creator, Kimberly Duran is an Interior Design-obsessed American ex-pat, who chronicles her decorating journey and dispenses interior design advice in her personal blog, Swoon Worthy. When she’s not helplessly drooling over all the latest trends in design, she’s adding things to the imaginary ‘shopping basket’ in her head, she likes to get messy tackling DIY projects with her partner in crime, Wayne, stalking eBay for vintage bargains and filling her home with her favourite neutral – gold.