10 Ideas to Help you Refresh your Bathroom Design

Getting bored of your current bathroom space? Here are our top 10 ideas to help you refresh your bathroom design and fall in love with it again.



1 – Use Houseplants to Inject Some Life

Houseplants have so many benefits for you and your space. Not only do they create a calm and tranquil interior, but they also carry health benefits, like helping to purify the air and absorb excess moisture. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry! Fake plants, although don’t carry the same health benefits, will still create the same spa-like appeal as the real ones.

Above, Village Teal Wall Tiles

2 – Create Focal Points with Wall Art

Wall art can be a great way to show off your personality and style in an interior space. It is a sure way to spice up your bathroom design, and turn an otherwise uninteresting space into a focal point for anyone that comes to visit.

Above, Calacatta Grey Gloss Wall Tile

3 – Use Lighting Features to Accessorise your Space

Lighting should never be overshadowed in an interior. Not only for its practicality, but also for the beautiful designs that can be found across the market today. Lighting features can create sophisticated focal points in your bathroom, so try placing them above baths, or alongside sinks to achieve this.

Above, Manacor Ocean Blue Wall Tile


4 – Inject Some Exciting Patterns Into your Bathroom

Implementing some pattern into your space, whether it be on the walls, floors, or in the accessories to finish your space off with, is a great way of being bold and fearless when refreshing your bathroom design. They add a multitude of depth and charisma to your bathroom space, bringing it back to life.

Above, Village Emerald Green Wall Tiles

5 – Use Coloured Metal Hardware to Create Sense of Luxury

Using unconventionally coloured hardware can be a great way of giving your bathroom a rich and opulent appeal. They are a big trend in interior design at the moment, and we hope they’re here to stay!

Above, Village Rose Gold Wall Tiles

6 – Create the Illusion of a Bigger Space Using Larger Mirrors

As smaller bathrooms are abundant amongst home owners today, it is common to look for ways of making the space appear larger. Using bigger mirrors in your bathroom to elude a larger space is an age old and incredibly simple but effective trick. Give it a go for yourself!

Above, Piacenza Mix Rose Wall Tile

7. Use Different Shades of Grout to get Creative

Using a grout colour that steps out of the normal of white is ever increasing in popularity. It creates depth and character in a space that may not otherwise have any. A massive selling point of using coloured grout is that it conceals the dirt! Gone are the days of constant scrubbing and your shiny white grout. Make sure you are grouting your tiles perfectly when using a coloured grout, it can be trickier to conceal any mistakes!

Above, Kromatika Hexagon White Porcelain Wall and Floor TileĀ 

8 – Create a Cosy and Warm Bathroom Using Wood Textures

Implementing wood around your bathroom space is a fool proof way to transform your space to a spa like environment. When paired with other neutral tones throughout the space, the environment becomes delicate and warm, perfect for relaxing after a long hard day.

Above, Lounge Light Grey Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

9 – Use Unique Shaped Tiles to Energise your Space

Shaped tiles like hexagons are becoming increasingly popular for interior design, as they are a simple but effective way of introducing a lively and glamorous character to your home. When used in the bathroom they become a focal point, effortlessly decorating your space for you.

Above, Hexagon Carrara Marble Effect Wall and Floor Tiles

10 – Use Storage to Maximise your Space

Using storage throughout your bathroom is a great way of hiding away and concealing all the bits and bobs you might not want to be on show. This ensures a consistent sleek and classy look across your space.

Above, Silverstone Grey Gloss Wall Tiles

So there you go, there are our 10 tips to help you easily refresh your bathroom design. Be sure to tag us in your take of these ideas on Instagram, @tilemountainuk

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10 Ideas to Help you Refresh your Bathroom Design

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