Three Reasons Why Tiles Are Best For Kitchen Floors

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and there’s a reason for this; it’s more often than not the busiest room in the house. Think about it, your kitchen perhaps serves as an entrance (for those who prefer to use the backdoor), as a refuelling hub/thoroughfare for hungry and busy teenagers, as a calm sanctuary in which to read the Sunday papers away from the hubbub of a busy household, or all of those things and more. The point we’re trying to make is that your kitchen is a multi-functional space and its floors are particularly susceptible to wear and tear.

Whilst it might be nice to go all out and install a structured concrete or genuine waxed parquet floor you just know in your heart of hearts that you’ll spend more time agonising over the upkeep than you would enjoying the aesthetic majesty they promise. “So, what’s the solution?” we hear you ask. Well given that tile production technology has developed dramatically in recent years you can now have pretty much any floor covering you like faithfully replicated in easy to care for tile format! Here are just three reasons why you should opt for tiles in your kitchen…


Even if you’re the most careful and fastidious cook on the planet it’s still inevitable that, at some point during the many hours spent lovingly preparing dishes, you’ll get something on the floor. Oils and grease can irreparably damage hardwood andย natural stone flooring, and that damage can be further compounded by using unsuitable cleaning products to rid your floors of stains. Tiles, however, reduce some of the risk of indelible staining thanks to the way they are constructed – even matt finish floor tiles are not susceptible to permeation by oils as the glazed porcelain or ceramic will repel any spillage and prevent absorption. Tiles also have the added advantage of being more hardwearing than timber. Whilst it’s true that tiles can be chipped it’s less noticeable in through bodied porcelain tiles as the colour glaze is imbued throughout the entire body of each tile. Tiles won’t dent or warp like hardwood can either.


Think of a type of floor covering. Go on, any type you can possibly imagine. Got one? Well unless you thought of something mental like genuine glacier ice you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a tile out there that replicates it. These days, everything from brushed concrete and Mediterranean-style pebble pavements right through to Calacatta marble and Terrazzo can be effectively replicated in tile format. Not only that but tile printing technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and these advancements have meant an explosion in eye-catching patterned tiles and others that mimic authentic encaustic tiles. In fact, the range of tiles styles available is so vast a that no matter what type of interior aesthetic you’re into, there’s definitely a style of tile that can enhance or complement it. Pared-back industrial style your thing? Then have a peek at Dakota and London Brick. Want to create an earthy, nature inspired look? Hammered Slate Effect will be right up your street. Like we said, the possibilities are endless!

Ease of Installation

Concrete needs pouring, leaving to cure, and then sealing (and is phenomenally expensive too). Cutting timber can be quite laborious and the myriad of options for treating it post-installation is a minefield. The same could be said of natural stone such as slate and terracotta too. Yes, with tiles you might have some fiddly cuts to contend with but on the whole, installation is swift and straightforward, even if you have to level your floors beforehand. Even the most hardy of porcelain or ceramic tiles can be easily cut using the right type of cutter, and when it comes to adhesive there are so many quick and easy solutions that your tiles will be down and ready to walk on in no time at all. Another added bonus is that installing underfloor heating beneath tiled floors is incredibly hassle-free – if you don’t believe us then check out this handy video that shows you just how easy it is!

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