Tiles of the Unexpected: Unlikely Tile Trends that Gripped 2017

With 2017 slowly drawing to a close, we look back on some of the most popular tile trends that even we were surprised by. If you are looking for a bit of an update for your home, we’re still rather enamoured with all of these fabulous tile looks so read on to find out what you might love for 2018 as well!

Everything Old is New Again

While patterned tiles have been popular for some time, we also saw a return to what appear to be aged tiles. The natural patina hasn’t really been worn away and performance-wise, they are just as good as new, but the look is rather softer or more traditional. You’d never know they were freshly installed and haven’t been there for years. So, if you are considering something with a more rustic flair, then why not opt for an aged look for your next project?

Black is the New Black

Dark colours have taken over interiors so we weren’t actually too surprised to see black tiles as a definite forerunner in the year’s tile trends. While bright and airy bathrooms will always be in style, darker colours add mystery and drama to any space, including the smallest rooms in the house. Choose a dark tile with reflective properties to bounce any available light around a room and combine with gleaming white fixtures for the perfect contrast.

Green is Good

While everyone was still fawning over indigo circa 2016, the colour green came in and stole its thunder. With everything from sage green, olive shades, and forest hues taking over, it’s clear that we have been influenced by another trend – houseplants – which allowed this colour to swoop in and take us all by surprise. Will the avocado bathroom be next?

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

One other trend we all were surprised by was how technology allowed us to enjoy more materials in ways we never thought possible. We have wood-effect flooring that’s made of porcelain so it’s easier to maintain, water-resistant and can take a beating without ever looking worse for wear. We have tiles that look like marble from Italy without the huge price tag or the staining or etching of the real deal. We have brick-effect tiles without any of the mess and hassle of installing real brick or cleaning up afterwards. 2017 was the year we all realised that aside from Kylie Jenner’s lips, sometimes fake is actually better than the real thing.

So now it’s your turn! Were there any trends of 2017 that took you by surprise? We’d love to know what trends you are loving for 2018 too – let us know in the comments!


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