Top Five Large Format Tiles for Kitchens

Regular readers of our content will know that we’ve been focussing on Large Format Tiles over the past few weeks given their resurgence in popularity within interior design circles. We’re seeing bigger (and bolder) tiles being used more and more in areas in which their installation would previously have been viewed as an anomaly – areas such as bathrooms and loft apartment style roomscapes – and so it stands to reason that this trend will inevitably extend to other areas of the home.

With that in mind, we thought it high time we brought you a rundown of the five best large format kitchen tiles of ours to use in a kitchen makeover right now…

Dunsen Grey

It might be an oldie but it’s certainly a goodie – our Dunsen Grey tiles have been selling like hotcakes since they first made their Tile Mountain debut nearly five years ago thanks to their contemporary styling and neutral colour tone (grey just goes with everything doesn’t it?). Their popularity pre-dates the recent trend for using large formats in areas other than open plan lounges/diners but we’re now seeing these 800×800 bad boys being deployed even in kitchens at the smaller end of the scale. This is partly due to industrial design schemes are particularly en vogue right now and their brushed concrete aesthetics really complement exposed electrical trunking and Edison bulbs and all that, but also because of the increase in open-plan kitchens in properties of all sizes. Dunsen lends itself particularly well to extending a floor aesthetic from kitchen to living area and providing a seamless flow.

Duomo Azul Polished 

Another trend that shows no sign of slowing down is the resurgence of opulent-looking marble (although some might say that it never really went away!). The marble effect tiles we’re seeing poking their way back into the mainstream however are increasingly on the larger side as evidenced by our blue-veined beauty Duomo Azul. Now, if we’d launched this tile two years ago and you’d asked us where most consumers we’re using the tiles the answer would have almost certainly been “in big posh bathrooms, possibly inside the home of a footballer or reality TV star”. Due to a number of factors – affordable price, striking aesthetics, shifting design trends – this tile and others like it are now accepted, nay, desired, as wall and floor coverings in kitchens of all types. It’s no surprise when you think about it though – those mesmerising blue and yellow marble-y surfaces offer the perfect foil to the modern chrome and glass décor elements typical of contemporary kitchen design.

Country Nut Wood Effect

Ideal for those who like to blend a little antiquity into their interiors, our Country Nut Wood Effect tiles offer an authentic reproduction of weather-beaten timber planks in hardwearing large format porcelain plank form. Whilst wood effect flooring is nothing new we are seeing the deployment of timber-replicating tiles pivot from being predominantly a choice for and lounges and bathrooms, towards kitchens. Whether this is a result of the current fashion for incorporating pared-back industrial elements into open-plan dining/living areas (contemporary) or blending rustic aspects (traditional) into kitchen spaces, we’re not sure. What we are sure about though is that there’s no better all-rounder than our Country Wood Effect range for kitchen floors – they’re so versatile that they can be effortlessly teamed with most type of décor, from ultra-modern, streamlined gloss-fronted cabinetry, to vintage and reclaimed furniture for that boho vibe.

Milan Polished Porcelain 

Classic looks never go out of style (that’s why they’re called classics!) and white marbles like the Statuario Venato that these tiles take their style inspiration from have always been simmering away on the back-burner, never really leaving public consciousness. The current trend for marble looks across all areas of the home (not just bathrooms and plush lounges of the rich and famous) has brought this old stager back into full focus; something that has been fully pounced upon by the world’s tile manufacturers. Offering a very streamlined and modern take on the iconic natural white stone, Milan Polished Porcelain offers a modern take on the timeless classic in an affordable, yet still luxurious large format porcelain tile. These expansive rectangular wonders look great as the ‘sea’ to a contemporary kitchen island and can help make smaller spaces look larger than the actually are thanks to their shiny surfaces reflecting light around the room.


Another one in the same vein as Dunsen is Grange Grey Matt – a plush, highly stylised take on brushed concrete slabs that are being co-opted by devotees of the indoor:outdoor trend, being as they can be used both internally and externally. As you can see from the rather fetching roomset above, these 800×800 flags are crying out to be installed in kitchen/dining spaces at the more modish end of the scale and look awesome when bisected by bi-fold doors opening out onto exteriors spaces using the very same tiles. An ideal choice for fostering that unbroken aesthetic from where one floorspace spills into another, these elegant large format tiles come in three neutral colour variants and can be effortlessly combined to create subtle variation whilst maintaining a consistent design scheme.

Hopefully that, no-so-little lot will have given you food for thought when it comes to choosing large format tiles for your next kitchen reno. If you’re suitably inspired and need info on installing large format tiles then head over to our Help Centre section – it’s packed full of useful tips and advice on fitting all manner of tiles! Should you need a further helping hand then call our friendly customer services guys on 01782 223822 for some free, impartial advice.

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