Trend Watch: Soft Industrial Style

If you’ve always dreamed of the cool, unfussy look of industrial style but worried the end result would look too unwelcoming in grey and rainy Britain, then you’re going to love the look of soft industrial. A combination of all the pared-back good looks of NYC loft-style combined with softer elements that make it so much warmer and so much more inviting than feeling like you’re living in a warehouse.

What is Soft Industrial Style?

The main problem with industrial style is that in theory, it looks amazing but living with it? Maybe not so much. All that cool concrete, exposed brick and metal touches look stunning when combined in a big airy space but in reality, it can feel (literally and figuratively) a bit too cold. Combine it with rainy grey skies we often experience here and it may not feel as welcoming and cosy as you’d like your home to be.

Enter soft industrial. It’s everything you love about the loft look but with softened edges. The cold concrete floor has a pile of area rugs, the metal bookcase has wood shelving, the leather sofa is topped with sheepskin throws, and the brick wall is now awash in interesting artwork.

Instead of pared-back utilitarian, it’s warmer and easier to live with, layered with plenty of textiles and personality; the harder square edges now balanced with the comfort of curves. It’s like combining a floaty dress with a leather jacket or worn blue jeans with a frilly top – a mix of masculine and feminine pieces which when combined, create a unique and interesting look.

How To Create a Soft Industrial Look at Home

You certainly don’t have to live in a warehouse flat with exposed ductwork and mile-high ceilings to enjoy this style. It’s easy to incorporate elements of industrial style into a contemporary or traditional home to create soft industrial.

Consider combining a steel-framed bed with soft rumbled linen bedding and a thick, fluffy throw, or adding a metal filing cabinet to a luxurious home office. Bring in industrial style in cool concrete-effect tiles in a bathroom and soften the style with thick fluffy towels and warm wood accents. You can add warehouse lighting to a living room with plush deep-seated sofas or concrete worktops in a kitchen with rustic wood cabinets.

The secret is in the contrast of textures. If you have something hard (metal, wood, concrete, stone), look for ways to throw off that balance with something softer and more textural (velvet curtains, knitted throws, a deep-pile rug). Use these vivid contrasts throughout your home to get the balance right, adding texturing and interest in every room.

Because industrial style tends to use a very neutral colour palette, look for ways to warm up the cooler grey tones with warmer beige ones. Earthy neutral colours are big news this season, as we explore in this handy blog post.

The Best Tiles for Soft Industrial Style

Here at Tile Mountain, we have a wealth of choices when it comes to kitting out your home in soft industrial style. Use these tiles to create the cool urban feel of industrial style but be sure to take heed of our tips above for the perfect balance of loft style and warm living.

Concrete has been a much-loved mainstay of industrial style for years. Get the look without the cost or hassle with concrete-effect tiles which mimic the soft grey grain using easy-to-maintain porcelain. In a bathroom, try combining these tiles with underfloor heating for warmth and bring in fluffy towels, wood accents and greenery to soften the effect and create the ultimate spa retreat at home.

The iconic subway tile has always been a favourite of industrial style for years and there’s little wonder why it’s become a classic look in its own right. Try using subway tiles in an industrial style bathroom or kitchen and bring in more traditional hardware in your cabinets or just a touch of brass shelving to create an inviting luxe look.

London Red Brick | Tile Mountain

If you don’t have exposed brick in your home, its an easy fix with brick-effect tiles; a great way to get the look without the mess. Line a wall with these look-alike alternatives in a kitchen, a living room or chimney breast for loft living style. To create that soft industrial vibe, add plenty of personal touches like wall art or wall textile hangings to bring in personality and layer cushions, throws, and rugs into the space for added warmth.

Finally, we love the look of rustic wood in any industrial space but maintenance and cost can make them an expensive choice. You can get the same rustic look with vintage style wood-effect tiles which bring in all the warmth of real wood but which keep their ‘perfectly imperfect’ look for years.

Ready to embrace soft industrial style? Make sure you take advantage of our free cut sample service which makes buying online for your next project easy.

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