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Eze Touchscreen Thermostat White

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The Ezewarm E92 is the ideal programmable thermostat for controlling your underfloor heating system. Available in black or white with a white backlit screen, its modern discreet design allows it to be used in all areas of the home. 

Key Features

  • Symbol Indicator when heating is on
  • Temperature limitation function for floor protection (wood, laminate etc)
  • Key lock function to protect programmed parameters
  • Floor Sensor Included
  • Quick & Easy to install (By a part P regulated electrician with RCD)

Keeping tabs on room temperature has never been easier thanks to the E92 thermostat's Floor, Air, and Floor + Air temperature monitor. The thermostat also features a pre-emptive setting, meaning it will heat up the floor to a pre-determined required temperature at a time chosen by the user, along with the capacity for 6 individual temperature settings per 24 hour cycle. The E92 thermostat's 7 day setting ensures that your underfloor heatimng can be programmed all days the same or 5 days the same + 2 or 6 days the same + 1 dependent on your work and social patterns. Thanks to a simple on-off button as well as manual override the E92 can easily be turned on and a temperature set, even when its not on a timed setting

How much heating can I install on one thermostat?

Ezecable = 3600W of heating cable approx 24m2 on one 16amp thermostat
Ezemat 160W = 22m2 on one 16amp thermostat
Ezemat 200W = 18m2 on one 16amp thermostat
Ezefoil 150W= 24m2 on one 16amp thermostat

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