Our 7 Favourite Interior Design Transformations

If you’re anything like us, the idea of transforming a space from a boring old room to something magical fills you with an unquestionable sense of excitement. Walking into a room that once felt like an afterthought and is now a stylish oasis undeniably lifts anyone’s spirits! We’re diving into some of the beautiful transformations that you, our customers, have achieved over the last few months, showcasing a range of rooms and styles that we can help transform! All of our examples are photos we’ve been kindly tagged in on our Instagram page, @Tilemountainuk, so be sure to click the links and check out these amazing home accounts! We promise you won’t regret it! Here are our top 7 interior design transformations!

1 – Minty Bathroom by @homeonthegrove

The initial set-up of this bathroom was waiting for an injection of life and character and acted as the perfect blank canvas for @homeonthegrove to truly transform. The white tiles provide a basic backdrop, but it’s evident this room’s potential was desperate to be unveiled. Fast forward to today, and step into a luxurious spa-like atmosphere! The choice of mint green tiles offers a trendy aesthetic but also infuses the room with tranquillity and freshness. The free-standing sink has been replaced with a modern countertop basin, providing a striking contrast between the countertop and the wall tiles. These tiles are our stunning Village Mint Wall Tiles. 

Bathroom with pale blue walls, featuring a white pedestal sink and toilet, complemented by a vintage gold-framed mirror. One section of the wall reveals exposed brickwork, indicating ongoing renovations  "A chic and modern bathroom showcasing mint-green tiled walls paired with a sleek white rectangular basin atop a dark green marble countertop. The space is accented with gold fixtures, a contemporary mirror, and pops of pastel décor including a playful pink-striped wall hanging. Lush potted plants and a soft hand towel add cozy finishing touches

Above, Village Mint Wall Tiles

2 – Modern Pink Shower by @thefergsat44

This before shot showcases @thefergsat44’s room caught in its barest stage, the skeleton of the room provides a blank canvas, perfect for getting stuck into the design. The small window lets in a slither of light, teasing the potential of the space. In the after shot, we can see the space has bloomed into a beautiful bathroom sanctuary. The Kromatika pink hexagon tiles not only add a soft hue but also bring in texture and pattern, evoking a sense of modern elegance. The geometric floor tiles also pair perfectly, giving a balance of femininity and boldness.

undergoing renovations with visible wooden framing on one side and freshly plastered walls. The floor is scattered with construction materials, tools, and a vacuum cleaner, highlighting the active work in progress. A small window lets in a glimpse of natural light to the space. A trendy bathroom space showcasing a blend of vintage and modern design elements. Honeycomb pink tiles envelop the shower area, contrasted by a clear glass partition with black framing. A white sink sits beside the shower, while the floor boasts an intricate monochrome pattern. The room's aesthetic is completed by a tropical-themed wallpaper section and a wooden door with classic detailing. A black heated towel rack is a chic and practical touch

Above, Kromatika Hexagon Rosa Pink Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

3 – Neutral Wet Room by @derbyshireinteriors

The initial space in @derbyshireinteriors bathroom showcases various shades of black and white, creating this dated chequerboard effect on the floor that needs a bit of TLC. This room appears functional but it’s waiting for that dash of class and elegance that is to come. What a stunning refresh it is! The new space exudes sophistication within every detail and touch. The simple Piacenza White Metro Tiles provide an airy, luxurious feel, reflecting light and making the room feel expansive. The clear glass partition further enhances that sense of space, ensuring the rest of the room remains on display!

A neat bathroom featuring a mix of monochromatic tiles; from the glossy dark green and gray on the walls to the geometric white and black pattern on the floor. A white bathtub with a sliding glass door is nestled against the tiled wall, equipped with a shelf holding toiletries. Warm sunlight filters in, casting a glow on the room. A fluffy white towel hangs conveniently close on the wooden door to the left A minimalist and elegant bathroom bathed in soft natural light, highlighting the gray marbled wall tiles. The space features a transparent glass shower enclosure with chic gold fixtures and a white rectangular basin atop a wooden vanity. An oval mirror hangs above the sink, while a wicker basket with toiletries provides a touch of rustic charm. Clean lines and harmonious colors make for a serene and stylish retreat

Above, Piacenza Mix White Wall Tiles

4 – Industrial Chic by @2flats1house

This rooms original state gives off a bright but basic feel. With wooden cabinets with an oak wood hue and simple black countertops, the kitchen is a functional space, prioritising this over the way it looks. However, talk about a 180° twist! Can you believe this is the same space?! @2flats1home has transformed this room into a chic, urban bathroom oasis. The brick wall immediately captures the attention of the eye and gives off an industrial loft vibe. This contrasts beautifully with the sleek marble effect tiles they’ve used, creating a juxtaposition in textures, and enhancing character and depth. 

kitchen corner showcasing natural wood-finish cabinets paired with sleek black countertops. Modern appliances, including a toaster and microwave, are ready for use. The white flooring is adorned with an eye-catching geometric pattern, adding a contemporary twist. Sunlight softly filters through a white-curtained window  An urban-chic bathroom blending modern aesthetics with a touch of rustic charm. Exposed brickwork complements the cool gray marbled tiles, creating a delightful contrast. A tall black towel rack stands out, holding plush white towels. A wooden vanity holds a potted plant by the window, bringing a breath of fresh greenery into the space. The gleam of the toilet and bathtub, along with the natural light filtering through, adds a serene touch to the room

Above, Concrete Effect Grey LVT

5 – Fabulous Fireplace by @number23_renovation

This before shot is straight out of a DIY project’s early stages. The space feels raw and unpolished, with obvious work needing to be done. But today, stepping into this space is like stepping into a secret, sophisticated nook, blooming with personality and elegance. The bold black walls are a brave choice that pays off, creating a cosy yet classy atmosphere. The fireplace is the main feature in this shot, adorning our Artesano Moss Green wall tiles. @number23_renovation has done an amazing job at bringing this space back to life and ensuring their personality reins throughout the decor.

A room in the midst of transformation, telling a story of renovation and creativity. A circular table stands at the center, surrounded by wire-frame chairs and littered with various tools and items, from paint cans to a vacuum. The walls are bare, waiting for a fresh coat, while a lone crimson curtain flutters by the window. Evidence of hard work is everywhere, hinting at the potential beauty this space will soon embrace.  Dominated by a deep black wall, an oversized round mirror becomes the centrepiece, beautifully reflecting the bouquet of flowers that stands on the fireplace. The green tiled hearth adds an unexpected twist of colour, complementing the snug stove nestled within. Flanking the fireplace, a bookshelf bursts with colourful books. while logs are stacked to the side of the promise warmth of chilly nights. Soft candles, whimsical trinkets, and a pop of red from the throw blanket complete this inviting scene, making it a perfect blend of modern chic and timeless charm.

Above, Artesano Moss Green Wall Tiles

6 – Boho Chic by @sarah_dreamofhome

@sarah_dreamofhome‘s original kitchen in this before shot gives off an old-school vibe with it’s warm wood cabinets. The beige walls and matching backsplash maintain a uniform tone, lacking depth and personality. This is turned around completely and now enters the realm of modern aesthetic with a breezy feel! This kitchen now beams with light and a cooler palette, featuring pristine white cabinets and subdued grey worktops. The whimsical backsplash has been created using out Scale Boho White Wall tiles, and introduces a splash of design that adds a fresh, artsy touch to the space.

A functional kitchen space with wooden cabinets and a marbled coutnertop. The wood give a rustic feel, while appliances are neatly intergrated. The gas stove is ready for cooking, and a variety of items add a personal touch.  Modern kitchen space with white cabinets and a patterned splashback. Features a built-in oven and a countertop stove. The counter hosts cooking essentials and some groceries.

Above, Scale Boho White Wall Tiles

7 – Chic Bathroom Space by @lifeatmagnoliacottage

Stepping foot into @lifeatmagnoliacottage‘s original bathroom, you’re welcomed by simplicity and a basic style. The white scheme gives off a sense of cleanliness that is in need of a touch of imagination. Looking at this bathroom today, it’s great to see the space shine! The transformation is refreshing, and the once-plain walls are now adorned with our soothing Village Mint wall tiles. The golden features, especially the ceiling light, add a dash of opulence to this serene space, while the brown door compliments the room’s new colour palette.

Compact bathroom with a curved corner shower unit, pedestal sink, and a toilet. The space is painted in white and has a window for natural light.  Bathroom featuring teal subway tiles, a glass-enclosed shower, a modern bowl-style sink atop a wooden vanity, and a white toilet. A window lets in natural light, and there's a framed artwork on the wall.

Above, Village Mint Wall Tiles

And there you have it! Our top 7 interior design transformations that we have been obsessing over the past few months! Who knew interior design transformations could be so exciting?! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your own home transformations over on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk, and you could be featured in our next blog!