Quick & Easy Tiling Projects You Can Do During Lockdown

Due to the government’s lockdown measures implemented to combat Covid-19, huge swathes of the UK have been confined to their homes for nearly a month. Many have used the time to take stock of their lives, re-evaluate priorities and set new goals, whereas others have focused their energies on hobbies and projects that often get put on the backburner due the hectic pace of ‘normal’ life. If you fall into the latter camp and are looking to make some quick wins when it comes to lockdown DIY then here are a few tiling projects that can be easily undertaken without the logistical planning and upheaval associated with larger jobs…

Create a Kitchen or Bathroom Splashback

If the walls behind your bathroom or kitchen sinks are looking a bit tired and dated then you can jazz up proceedings by installing a fresh splashback. As one of the more straightforward tiling tasks, you’ll most likely use only a few tiles (so no lugging huge boxes of tiles around and no big financial outlay to contend with!) meaning that you can have a new look in the room in no time at all. Check out this handy video in which our very own Craig Phillips shows you how to tile a splashback and read our Splashback Tiles 101: All You Need To Know feature for a few pointers.

Clean Your Grout

Grout is porous and no matter how clean you keep your home, grout joints can become grubby over time (especially if they’re not sealed properly) and give your once pristine wall or floor a shabby appearance. There are two ways to combat this; remove and regrout or clean up those joints! Removing grout and reapplying can be an arduous task, so if you’re looking for a quick win then a bit of elbow grease and some well chosen cleaning products is the way to go and will have your tiles looking like they did the day they were installed in no time. Read our How To Clean & Maintain Grout guide to find out exactly how to jazz up your joints.

Lay Outdoor Tiles with Adjustable Support Pedestals

Summer is a commin’ and that means that a lot of you will want to take advantage of the improved weather and indulge in a bit of alfresco dining. If you don’t have a suitable patio or veranda area in which to do this then creating one is easier (and cheaper) than you think if you consider using 20mm thick outdoor slab tiles in conjunction with Adjustable Support Pedestals. Dispensing with the fuss, graft and adhesives required when permanently fixing slabs to concrete screeds, these handy devices allow you to simply lay the tiles on top of them and adjust the heights as you see fit. Sound tempting? Then take a look at this Installing Outdoor Slab Tiles Using Adjustable Support Pedestals for the full lowdown.

Plan A Bigger Renovation Project For When This Is All Over

Whilst you might not have the time to take on a full-scale renovation project during lockdown (you’ll probably struggle to get hold of all the materials/tools you need), there’s nothing stopping you from using your time constructively and planning a bigger job for when this is all over. That top-to-bottom kitchen refresh you’ve been thinking about since, well, since forever? Now’s the time to get it fully planned, designed, and a list made of all the bits you need to make the project a reality. There are plenty of free online tools to help with all aspects of design and if you’re struggling for style inspiration then there’s a wealth of ideas to be found in the Tile Style section of our blog.

Are you planning a quick and easy DIY project during lockdown? If so, remember to always maintain social distancing and don’t make any non-essential trips (you can order online at Tile Mountain and loads of other DIY retailers and have your purchases delivered straight to your door!). Oh, and don’t forget to share any pics of your completed tiling projects with us via twitter @TileMountainUKFacebook or Instagram. Stay safe!

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