How to Use Metal Tiles in Your Home

As a lover of metallics both for their reflective properties as well as the designer edge they bring to a room scheme, I’m rather excited to talk to you today about metal tiles. ‘Metal Tiles?’ you may ask. Well, yes and no – with a surface pattern and shine like metal, you have all the look of a metal but with the convenience of an easy to fit and hard-wearing porcelain tile.

metal and metallic tiles

The reflective surface goes a long way to bouncing around light and the various textures will give a sense of play and creativity in your room design.┬áThese will naturally make a room look cooler – not just in designer good looks but also in terms of the way your eye will read it.

metal tiles

Consider balancing that ‘cool’ look with lots of natural textures – vintage wood, leather, woven textiles and faux or real animal hides all add warmth to these tiles if you are going for a more industrial or rustic look. Of course, if you love the contemporary style, then using high gloss finishes in combination with metal tiles will really play on that minimalist urban glamour.

metallic tiles

The textures on these tiles also make them great for high-traffic areas. With a natural slip-resistance, you can use them on stairs or an entry way to make a big statement in your interiors, as well as in bathrooms and kitchens.

metal tile squares

We also have available ‘oxidised’ tiles which give you that metallic look with a smoother, polished surface for a high-shine finish that’s also naturally slip-resistant.

metal tiles

The copper look is my favourite oxide tile, giving a room a sense of warmth while still managing to look contemporary.


Whether you use these on a wall for an urban splash of cool in the kitchen or underfoot for an industrial feel, there’s a wide choice of creative ways to use metallic tiles in your home.