National Bed Month: Our Five Best Tiles For Bedrooms

It’s National Bed Month, but let’s face it, for many of us, it’s been National Bed Month every month for the past year given that huge swathes of the population have been forced to work from home due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation, with countless bedrooms across the globe now doubling up as workspaces. If you’re one of those who’s spent more days than you’d have liked attending Zoom meetings sat on your bed with a laptop next to you and you’re getting tired of seeing the same four walls day after day then read on as we’re about to tell you how you can jazz up your bedroom using what we think are our top five tiles for bedrooms…

Devonstyle Grey

Patterns, especially those of a Victorian and Art-Deco bent, are incredibly on-trend right now and this interiors craze shows no sign of slowing down either. Our Devonstyle range continues to fly off the shelves (we don’t actually keep the stock on shelves, but you know what we mean) thanks to its very eye-catching surface design and ‘evocative of a bygone era’ vibes it gives off. We’re seeing these tiles being used more and more in entrance halls and then used to extend that aesthetic into sleeping quarters. Available in Grey and Black colourways, Devonstyle looks great when teamed with antique furniture or even holds its own in a contemporary bedroom setting when used as a quirky feature floor juxtaposed with hi-tech gadgetry, mood lighting and modern fabrics.


Another trend that continues to snowball is that of the irregular shape tile, and there’s no finer example than our Kromatika range. These hexagonal wonders would most likely have been deployed in bathrooms or maybe as a kitchen splashback had they been available just a couple of years ago but in these crazy times, DIYers and interiors enthusiasts throughout the land are increasingly putting them to use in bedrooms (particularly in open-plan studio apartments). This could be down to people being more open to left-field expression via their interior design choices or an effect of the revival of all things 90s (we can’t recall ever going into a bar or club during those heady days without being subjected to bright pastel colours and mad shapes on walls, floors and even ceilings). Either way, the homeowners of the land seem to be taken with them and are using them in all areas of the house!

Little Wood Blend 

Parquet flooring for many of us conjures up images of sitting cross-legged on the floor in a primary school assembly (why did those floors always smell faintly of sick?), but those in the know when it comes to interiors will tell you that this classic style of flooring is back with a vengeance and is currently the pinnacle of style. Genuine parquet can be prohibitively expensive however, and also requires quite a lot of maintenance, which is why we’re seeing replications in tile form taking off. Our Little Wood Blend range brings all the iconic styling of parquet but none of the cost and upkeep and, as a result, is increasingly being used in across the home, especially in open-plan, loft-style spaces where one room spills into another. These wood effect tiles look particularly great in shabby chic style bedrooms featuring upcycled furniture and hipster’s favourite, the pallet bed.


Clean, almost sparse minimalism is a style that isn’t going away – the whole Scandi thing is still bubbling along nicely and there’s been a marked shift towards a more Mediterranean ‘white wash’ aesthetic in many homes of late. For a lot of people that word ‘Mediterranean’, when used in relation to interiors at least, is associated with Moroccan and Greek-inspired patterned tiles, but this style trend has now expanded to include the unblemished, neutral-toned, natural stone flooring often found in places such as Spain, Portugal, Malta and the south of France. Our Arkesia range of floor tiles are a perfect example of the type of tiles that are increasingly being used within such design schemes, offering, as they do, an elegant, natural look akin to the kind of stone floor coverings that you could easily find beneath your feet in the sleeping quarters of Mediterranean villa, expanding out through French doors on to a veranda.


You can’t go wrong with a light and airy, smooth timber floor, unless of course it’s costing you an arm and a leg to install and then having to sell your remaining limbs in order to maintain it. People are wise to this now, and they’re also wise to the fact that you can now get hardwearing porcelain floor tiles that are virtually indistinguishable from real wood floors; tiles like our Hardwood range. Given that standard house sizes are shrinking here in the UK (we’re looking at you new build developers), more and more of you are employing elongated plank styles, be it in tile, LVT or genuine timber form, in pokier bedrooms due to the effect of the lines making a room appear larger than it is. Wood effect tiles like this also look great in period properties that may feature original fireplaces in upstairs rooms and really offset the splendid ironwork and ornate, often Victorian, plasterwork of the surround.

Whilst tiles may seem an unusual choice for the bedroom, given the cooler climate we ‘enjoy’ in the UK, the number of styles and designs available these days has certainly made them a more than viable option. When used in conjunction with underfloor heating, tiles can be warm to the touch, radiating heat into the room without the requirement for central heating, plus, they are more hypo-allergenic than carpet too – a boon for allergy sufferers! Tiles are infinitely easier to keep clean and will continue to look great with minimal care for many years too.

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